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Walt Disney World is the number one vacation destination in the world. Located outside of Orlando, Florida it boasts 4 parks in close proximity for the ultimate Disney experience.

We don't have ready access to information about the parks (since we live in the middle of the US), so we have decided to leave that to the experts that live closer to them. So we decided to team up with the best Disneyworld site we could find... Intercot - Walt Disney World: Inside & Out.

John Yaglenski and the Intercot staff run one of the best WDW information sites on the net. Definately the place you want to check for your WDW needs. All of the links on the right for Hours, prices, etc link to Intercot our official Disneyworld affiliate.

In the future we hope to be able to compliment Intercot's great content with a searchable database of information about the WDW parks. But until then we invite you to visit them for Video, Audio, Pics, Info and much much more!!

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